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The 2023 CPHI 21st World Pharmaceutical API China Exhibition Ended Successfully

The 21st World Pharmaceutical API China Exhibition 6.19-6.21 hosted by China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products and Informa Markets has been successfully concluded, the scale of this exhibition has reached a new high, the exhibition area of 200,000 square meters, more than 3,000 exhibitors, more than 80 on-site conference activities, during the period of 55,000 domestic and foreign visitors.

During the exhibition, Xinxiang Runyu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. fully demonstrated its advantages of strong R&D strength, stable product quality and many years of deep cultivation in the professional field, and reached preliminary cooperation intentions with foreign high-quality customers such as the United States, India, South Korea and other foreign high-quality customers participating in the exhibition, and conducted in-depth discussions in the field of technical cooperation.

In recent years, China's pharmaceutical source innovation force has been rising, which has effectively promoted China's transformation from a pharmaceutical country to a pharmaceutical power. In this process, CPHI & PMEC China has gradually developed into an industry vane with specialization, internationalization and high-end as its core competitiveness, witnessing the significant transformation of China's pharmaceutical industry from "big in, big out" to "excellent in, excellent out" in the past few years. Many pioneer enterprises have joined CPHI &PMEC China, drawn their own strategic blueprint in years of industrial collaboration, and gradually formed the longitude and latitude line of the industrial pattern, with stronger competitiveness in the international market.

Although the three-day exhibition has ended, the excitement will not stop, and I sincerely thank every friend who participated in the exhibition!

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