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25TH INTERPHEX Week Tokyo Exhibition Ended Successfully

INTERPHEX Week Tokyo consists of 4 pharmaceutical technology exhibitions – INTERPHEX JAPAN (Manufacturing & Packaging), in-PHARMA JAPAN (APIs/Pharmaceutical Ingredients), BioPharma Expo (Biopharmaceuticals) and PharmaLab Japan: formerly BIOtech Japan (Drug Discovery). Thereinto:

  • Biotechnology: biotechnology products and applications, fermenters, vaccines and enzymes, biopark infrastructure, etc.;
  • Pharmaceutical excipients: pharmaceutical packaging materials, pharmaceutical excipients, pharmaceutical excipients and equipment, etc.;
  • Pharmaceutical machinery: preparation production equipment, pharmaceutical water equipment, traditional Chinese medicine treatment equipment, refrigeration equipment, etc.;
  • Laboratory equipment/analysis and testing: laboratory equipment and devices, laboratory consumables, chemical reagents, biochemical/analytical instruments, biotechnology analysis and testing instruments, pharmaceutical testing equipment, food analysis and testing instruments, pharmaceutical industry analytical instruments, etc.;
  • Fluid equipment: sanitary pumps, valves, fluid engineering, pipelines and fittings, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, etc.;
  • Clean system: clean air conditioning equipment, clean studio/desk, clean equipment, anti-static clothing, etc.

With a net exhibition area of more than 80,100 square meters, the exhibition successfully brought together a total of 1,188 exhibitors and 36,810 professional buyers from 31 countries around the world.Xinxiang Runyu  Material Technology Co., Ltd. masters unique purification technology, is good at halogenation, lithiation, Grignard and other reactions, and is good at the construction of aryl C-C bonds and C-N bonds in Suzuki Coupling coupling and Buchwald-Hartwig amination reactions, which can produce a variety of types of halogenated substances, organoboronic acid, organic phosphine ligands and catalysts required in this series of reactions; At the same time, we provide customers with special structure intermediates research and development and synthesis services according to our own strengths.During the conference, our company reached preliminary cooperation intentions with a number of internationally renowned enterprises, and carried out in-depth exchanges in technical services, new technology research and development and other fields.

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