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Perfect ending|2023EBC The 8th Trade Biological Industry Conference and Trade biological Industry Exhibition

Runyu New Materials has conducted in-depth communication with many old and new customers in Suzhou International Expo Center from March 17 to 19, 2023. In this Bio industry conference, Runyu hopes to gather together with you in the field of biomedicine industry in China, seek a common future, and establish a more intimate, long-term and stable relationship.

Xinxiang Runyu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has developed high purity phosphorus reagents and related series phosphorus products by taking advantage of years of advantages and technical accumulation in the phosphorus industry, whose purity is significantly better than that of foreign equivalent products. At the same time, Runyu New Materials uses its unique advantages to control and study the trace impurities in the product from the whole process of raw material selection, synthesis process, purity extraction, packaging and delivery, etc., to ensure the consistent quality of the product in the subsequent use process, and the quality of the raw material is more conducive to the production of high purity monomer downstream.

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